Kemper もパワーアップ!

NAMM 2014で、Kemperもソフトウェア・バージョン2.3を発表したようです。

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このRock oNの記事に書いてないけど、公式HPのほうには、こんな案内が。

Reamping revamped

Record an unprocessed instrument signal, and pipe it through an amp later. This popular trick allows you to adjust and fine-tune the amp’s sound when mixing. Usually, some special equipment is required to convert the high-impedance guitar signal into an appropriate signal at studio-level, for recording. The signal, ready to be “reamped”, needs some appropriate treatment as well – with the Profiler, this procedure is both straightforward and easy. With this software update, everything you need comes right out of the box. Impedance and signal levels, just as required. Both recording and reamping can be performed using the analog or digital SPDIF connections.


あと、Kemperの最大の弱点だった、リグ(プリセットのこと)の管理ソフトがついに出るようです! Q1ということでもう少しですね。